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TUESDAY MAY 23 at 8pm

In this digital age of disposable razors, disposable relationships and disposable music, anything authentic seems more precious than ever. Discovering the indigo denim of an old Levi's jacket or an arrowhead in your backyard are some of the joys untold. Biters are a rock and roll band hailing from Hatecity and upon first listen you know they are the real deal. Steeped in rock tradition, this young group blends the alchemic mixture of louder than Hendrix volume with a heaping elixir of pure brut

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SATURDAY MAY 27 at 11:30am
BLED FEST 2017 at The Hartland Performing Arts Center

More information available at BledFest.com.

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SATURDAY MAY 27 at 11pm (18+ w/ valid ID)
THE BELLEVILLE THREE & RICHIE HAWTIN at The Fountain Ballroom inside The Masonic Temple

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