THE WOES with FAREWELL REPUBLIC at 26 Union Street, Pontiac Mi

doors at 8pm
tickets: $5


THE WOES: There are a lot of us. Like thirty. We play with groups of up to twenty people, mostly just groups of seven to thirteen. We sound like an idea. Below are some descriptions of things we might remind you of while you are listening to us. Our records are good, our live show is also good - we know how to have fun. Descriptive words: sunset through your backyard windows, the labels on good whisky bottles, potion laboratories filled with vials and strangely shaped bottles in an old book or black and white film, a street musician on some Southern Street before there was radio on a Saturday afternoon with the too hot sun, kids and everyone gathered around - singing louder than the other musicians vying for a crowd. The great depression, dustbowl, aviator sunglasses,american sedans of the 1950's european race cars of the early 1960's,fracas, anarchy and a conversation with Marcel Duchamps, a Slayer show, a Fugazi show, people dancing slow and quiet, all stories written on paper by Flann O'Brien, riding horses at sunup, the TV Show Carnivale, the TV Show Deadwood, the TV Show Twin Peaks, laughter with large groups of people, spencer tunic photographs, laughing at ones body, the fog one feels on the heels of a four day bender, too much gin without the vomiting. limes, fresh cut flowers, smoking weed, driving too fast, grade school yard fights, thinking that you're understanding what's what when the sun goes down.

With the ambient, psychedelic sounds of FAREWELL REPUBLIC


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