THE ROCKET SUMMER at the Eagle Theater

doors at 6:30pm
tickets: $15 in advance (buy tickets)



There are so many long pauses I’ve already taken as I write this blog and I’m only one sentence in. It’s quite hard to put into words the magnitude of this moment. Of Men and Angels is here. Of Men and Angels is… HERE. You have no idea how great this feels to type this. I’m flooded with memories of the past year while I’ve waited for it’s release and I’m just so incredibly thankful. I couldn’t be more ready and driven to dive in to this year. An explosion of pent up energy more than you’ve ever seen from TRS will be in full force this year. Seriously… yes! Each album I’ve made is special to me, but none have a story like this one.

From the start, I went out to make an important record, important meaning bigger than one that just sells lots of records and makes someone bob their head, but one that ultimately does something special for someone, one full of honesty, tackling faith and doubt, struggles and hope… an honest, candid record. I pushed myself musically more than I ever have. I wanted to write great songs and I wanted this album to radiate with integrity. It was the easiest record I’ve ever written and recorded yet at the same time, it was the hardest to endure. It was an album and season so full of obstacles, the kind of obstacles that 2009 brought for so many. From a staggering amount of key people coming and going from management to the label that ultimately forced the release of the album back much longer than we expected, to scheduled events being moved around, Of Men and Angels has been in a way a battle… but now a victorious one. Because we are here! And that is the bottom line! This is truly the beginning of something special. The eve before the release of my favorite TRS album and I find myself in a place where I’ve never been so grateful to do what I’m supposed to do - play music, so grateful for this album, so grateful for the team I have in our label, mgmt, my band, agents and so grateful for YOU. You are just as much a part of this as I am and I say that sincerely. Thank you for being apart of this. It’s time to raise a glass and begin a new journey.

With special guests: HOT CHELLE RAE / A LETTER TO YOU / KOJI


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