I AM ABOMINATION CD Release with Special Guests in The Pike Room

SUNDAY MAY 9, 2010
doors at 5pm
tickets: $10 in adv $12 day of (buy tickets)


The music industry is in a dire way these days. Prefabricated hard rock boy bands are snatching up recording contracts. Some bands are even paying for services to artificially bolster their myspace song counts in order to grab the attention of record labels. Life for bands back in the 1980's seemed like a more earnest period of time. There was no internet, no myspace, and the boy band bonanza was limited strictly to the world of sugary pop. For the independent bands back then it was only you, your van, the open road, and 6 billion people on earth waiting to hear your 5 man audible assault through the clubs PA system. Well back here in the year 2010 progressive metal child prodigies I AM ABOMINATION are a throwback to the days of piling in the van, playing anywhere you can, and earning your fans one headbanger at a time.

These five gifted dudes hailing from Taylor Michigan are playing by the old school rules in the new school world. Sure, they have a myspace page with 46,000+ friends. And yes their heavy metal anthem "Heir to the Throne" featured on their myspace player wracked up over 490,000 listens. However, none of these eye popping numbers got inflated through the aid of an online street team or use of underhanded tactics. It is the bands authenticity of song and spirit that compels their rabid fanbase to actively spread the word amongst their peers. Few bands dedicate themselves to a sound like I Am Abomination do. They refuse to give into the fad of the moment just to appease any Johnny come lately or here today gone tomorrow scene kid. Instead the guys are devoted to making music for themselves and hope the rest of the world comes along for the ride. Whether it is technical progression or the immense force of synth driven orchestration, I Am Abomination continually challenge the status quo of songwriting in today's metal scene. In November 2009, the band entered the studio to record a new album, the first for their new label Good Fight Music. At the controls of the sound board was renowned producer Joey Sturgis, fresh off his production work on the metal phenomenon "With Roots Above and Branches Below" by The Devil Wears Prada. Joey's encouragement of an all in collaborative effort helped produce their best material to date. The band and the label are eyeing up a Tuesday April 27th, 2010 release date for the new album titled �For Our Forfathers�.

I Am Abomination are five dudes that spent their formative years mastering their respective crafts like their ability to breathe depended on it. They have each become masters of their individual instruments. When combined, their individual ingredients blend to make one of the tastiest progressive metal meals you can sink your teeth into. I Am Abomination are not a thrown together pretty boy scene band that fakes their way through a set of choreographed guitar swings and drop tuned breakdowns. These guys are an elite fighting force with the pin point accuracy of a sniper and the brutal force of an Abrams tank. They have an undying desire to continually write and record, slay the masses live, and meet as many kids along the way as possible.


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