MV+ EE and the GOLDEN ROAD with CORSANO/FLOWER DUO and more at PJ's Lager House

doors at 9pm
tickets: $5 at the door


MV + EE and the GOLDEN ROAD: Matt Valentine, Erika Elder and friends taking freek folk and rock sounds to sublime celestial regions. Take it away, Lunar Brother: "sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes fingerstyle noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier volk...always environments always rock. you will find many are one (mv/ee are joined by fellow golden roadster (and sunburned hand of the man man) jon moloney) and they kinda have their shit together on guitar dimensions/amp realms, cocola firebird/lap steel, jazzmaster/octron weight, solar strings/bass, pedal steel and mighty tubs...respectfully and yours hanging loose."

With the CORSANO / FLOWER DUO: When two of the international free-rock scene’s most volatile improvisers convene for a real-time shahi baaja-and-drums jam session, cautious listeners might anticipate a block of anemic, noodly half-utterances. Chris Corsano (Six Organs of Admittance, Paul Flaherty, Thurston Moore, and more) and Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof!) beat these dire forecasters into submission on their first duo outing. For one thing, Flower’s shahi baaja—a Japanese dulcimer/autoharp hybrid—is amplified, and he casts from it rapid-fire shards of raw electricity. He then strings these salvos together in a fluid, Coltrane-esque fashion, rending sheets of sound from sheet metal. Meanwhile, Corsano’s incendiary drumming acts not as a bully, but an enraptured pulpiteer, unleashing jubilant cascades of percussive exhortation. The kids will call this jazz-baptized Lightning Bolt; elder statesmen will recall hearing Ascension or The Blue Humans for the first time.

This show is at PJ's LAGER HOUSE, 1254 Michigan Avenue, Detroit. Three blocks east of Michigan and Trumbull and two blocks West of MGM Grand.


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