APOCALYPTICA at the Eagle Theater

FRIDAY JULY 16, 2010
doors at 7pm
tickets: $17.50 in advance (buy tickets)


APOCALYPTICA's brand new album, ‘Worlds Collide’: Produced by long-time Rammstein muse Jacob Hellner, this is plainly the pinnacle of the Finnish ingénues steadily accelerating upward ascent; a dazzling collection of stunning mini-epics that touches upon every aspect of the band’s history while introducing countless new ideas and unexpected detours to their unmistakable sound. Or simply put: a collection of great rock songs. Work began on the record back in August 2006, and since then the 40 or so songs the band wrote for the project have been whittled down to a concise and flawless dozen, including collaborations with Stone Sour/Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor (on first single ‘I’m Not Jesus’), Lacuna Coil’s sublime Cristina Scabbia, 3 Days Grace vocalist Adam Gontier and again their long time friend and collaborator Dave Lombardo. “It’s been really exciting,” enthuses Toppinen. “For the last two albums we were producers, song writers, everything. This time we opened the door for different singers, a producer and even some co-writers. We’ve allowed other elements to come into Apocalyptica’s world. It’s been really interesting and exciting.” When Apocalyptica took centre stage as special guests at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki, millions of music lovers around the world were blown away by the sight and sound of a band that create an ear-boggling spectacle wherever they go and who wear their uniqueness as a badge of ho*nour. With the release of ‘Worlds Collide’, Apocalyptica are poised to conquer hearts and minds all over the globe “We have tried to deliver a world class album,” concludes Toppinen. “For us, it’s an exciting time. We have great people working for us and I’m absolutely thrilled. For the first time in 11 years I feel that the whole team is working together. With that team we should be able to wake up all the people that knew about Apocalyptica but wouldn’t have bought a ticket or bought the album before. We want to spread the word.”


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