WEATHERBOX in The Vernors Room

doors at 10pm
tickets: FREE


Doghouse Records band WEATHERBOX has released a new album, called "THE COSMIC". See Weatherbox perform the album in it's entirety here at The Crofoot. Here is their description of it.

The Cosmic 1 a: of or relating to the cosmos, the extraterrestrial vastness, or the universe in contrast to the earth alone b: of, relating to, or concerned with abstract spiritual or metaphysical ideas

2: characterized by greatness especially in extent, intensity, or comprehensiveness, /a cosmic thinker, cosmic boredom

The Cosmic aspects of Weatherbox's 2nd full length album were created within, or not within, the extraterrestrial vastness contained in THE EVERYTHING. Commentary on the relationship between everything and/or everything was once again commented on at length and in depth by Brian Warren. The coextending sounds were constructed by Mr. Warren with the aid of a number of individuals who wish to/must be left unnamed.

/The Drama /The Drama, it should be noted, can also be referred to as The Tension. (It should also be noted that it should not be referred to as The Tension).

The combination of these two forces became a reality (to a degree) in San Diego in the fall and winter of 2008. They were then deconstructed and reassembled in Texas in the spring of 2009 by "Dr." D. Mendez. The finished audio-creature will be presented in limited formats in the early fall of 2009 with the typical musical-business things happening to make you aware of it. (But you were already a cosmic thinker drowning in cosmic you are aware) The album should be characterized and catagorized at your local record store under; *greatness especially in extent, intensity, or comprehensiveness, a cosmic think, cosmic boredome. */or under */MISC W

There will be no plastic version of this album. You can own it as digital space or carved circular wax.

This will be a part of our weekly series called B*lite that happens in our Vernors Room every Wednesday. Featuring Auto-Tune Karaoke and Erno The Inferno spinning funk, soul and boogie records.


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