O-VILLAINZ with DJ SHEET at the Pike Room

doors at 9pm
tickets: $10 in adv $12 day of (buy tickets)


O-VILLAINZ began their quest in early 2007, and still strives hard to perfect their musical talent as a group. This dynamic duo consists of NikateeN and Bluntz, and is a valuable extension to the Real Renegade Regime. Already an established rapper, NikateeN was focusing more and more on a solo career, and began looking for a stage partner to catch his back-ups. That’s when he met an up and coming rapper/ hustler by the name of Bluntz. What began as a last minute solution quickly turned into a unique partnership, and later became a brotherhood. Over the next few months NikateeN would teach Bluntz the tricks of the music trade, while Bluntz schooled Nik on how to turn all of that hard work into money. Individually both MC’s owned a style all its own, but when you put the two together a new, innovative sound was born. Fans quickly took notice to these young bucks, from their content filled lyrics, to their high energy live shows. After a few very successful shows the two decided to put a name to this movement, and came up with the O-Villainz. The name was inspired by their hometown of Ortonville, a small suburban city in Michigan. It didn’t take long for OV to create a buzz through the mitten to the U.P., and this trip is only growing larger. On April 3, 2009 the Villainz released their debut album entitled “Rap-A-Holix 101”. The album was a success, and opened the eyes of new fans, giving OV a stronger reputation throughout the state. Self made, self paid, and self taught O-Villainz style of music is one-hundred percent original, and it appeals from the suburbs to the inner city. Time will tell just how strong this duo will become, but this is only the beginning of a whole lot more to come.


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