The Crofoot and AEG present of MONTREAL with JANELLE MONAE at the Royal Oak Music Theatre

doors at 7:30PM
tickets: $25



It has been said that an original artist is not a person who emulates no one, but rather is somebody that no one can emulate.

Over the last fifteen years, of MONTREAL has imitated everyone (86 covers and counting), while developing its own inimitable sound -- a unique mixture of indie-pop, glam-rock, funk, and R&B.

Though private and reserved, frontman Kevin Barnes wears his fame like a feathered fedora: on the children's show Yo Gabba Gabba, in collaborations with Spike Jonze, on stage spanking pigs with Susan Sarandon, on horseback in NYC's Roseland Ballroom, and even spontaneously performing six songs nude during a concert in Las Vegas.

And yet, perhaps the most shocking aspect of Barnes' career is something he has NOT done during his previous 15 years as a musician: entered the studio. As Barnes puts it, of Montreal’s first nine albums were made with “just one man, a computer, and a dirty dream."

"You really could describe Kevin as somebody like Prince," says of Montreal lead guitarist Bryan Poole. "He can play everything and view everything all on his own. There's a kind of magic when you've done it all yourself."

As such, Barnes' decision to eschew his customary Athens-based home studio was one that could only be made once the ideal scenario presented itself. He was waiting for the perfect place, Ocean Way Recording, the world's most-awarded studio, and the perfect producer, Jon Brion.

"You know, I was so lucky and privileged to have Jon step in and offer his services and open up all these doors for me sonically,” says Barnes. “There's no way I could buy this sort of education. I think he saw me and thought, 'Okay, here's this guy, he's got good ideas, he's got good songs, but the way he goes about recording is not the best way as far as getting the highest, or most satisfying audio fidelity.'"

And so, just as Jon Brion convinced Kevin to ditch his laptop, you should ditch it too. If you hear the band’s new album in your headphones, you won't hear the half of it. False Priest is of Montreal at its most bumping, with falsettos so high and bass so low, you need to blast it in the car or in the club if you want the full-body massage, a CinemaScopic sound that only Brion could lend.

Together they have created of Montreal's masterpiece -- a fully liberated marriage of mind and body, a perfectly executed sonic delight. In place of midi instruments and endless laptop tinkering, Barnes and Brion re-tracked guitars and basses, and fleshed out the album's songs with live drums, pianos, and entire string sections.

With special guest JANELLE MONAE.

This show (co-promoted with AEG) takes place at The Royal Oak Music Theatre, 318 West 4th Street, Royal Oak, MI.


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