TYVEK and CHEVEU at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM, show at 8PM
tickets: $7 (buy tickets)


TYVEK: creating a stripped down punk sound, Tyvek has been garnering a lot of deserved attention around the neighborhood (they're from Detroit) and from coast to coast. Says Doug Mosurak: "Lots of bands have been aiming for that original Rough Trade label sound, the sound of discontent in 1978, and they’ve been missing by miles. Tyvek are from Detroit, circa now, and [frigging] nail it, from the grotty production value to the traditionally rock ‘n’ roll construction of its songs, its ability create an anthem where one desperately needs to exist. “Mary Ellen Claims” combines the best of the TVPs at their angriest (say, “King and Country”) and elements of the Swell Maps or even the Electric Eels in terms of relentless approach. “Honda” flips off the American car industry from its dead homebase – Michigan, where these guys are from. Closest thing I’ve heard to the righteous revivalism of just-post-punk, especially from America, to date." With CHEVEU: as master music scribe Byron Coley put it, "France's Cheveu have an excellent grasp on a very French post-punk dynamism, devolved in a lopsided way from progenitors such as Metal Urbain, Warum Joe and Berurier Noir. But whatever their model, these guys produce a superior guitar raunch with great memble mystery moves (...). The primitivism here is lush enough to make you fall over."


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