DECADE OF DISTURBED: the epic film portrait of band Disturbed at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8pm
tickets: $5 (buy tickets)


See Decade of Disturbed, the epic portrait of band Disturbed, on the big screen and before anybody else!

Please note: the band will not be at this event. This is a film screening.

Director’s statement:

Why has Disturbed persevered for over a decade as the entire face of the music industry has shifted and changed, resulting in so many bands they came up with dropping off, and falling by the wayside? Because, through years of countless tours, dedication & sacrifice, and the delivery of four critically acclaimed albums, Disturbed created a very unique fan base, all of which was born with the Sickness.

There is a reason the album cover for “The Sickness” signified what it did – the birth of an infected monster emerging into the world. It infected its fan base at the core, spreading into a legion of fans that would become a lifelong army. The fans continued to show their belief as a the music became more anguished, reflecting world affairs & tragedy. It was no longer just a singular, inner and personal battle. It was about finding something united to believe in when all hope is lost. As the ashes settled, a unified voice from all walks of life emerged, and stood strong with fists raised high, forming ONE GLOBAL ARMY.

There were many naysayers along the way, many that questioned what this group was fighting for, and doubted the strength of what had been built. But in the end, Disturbed has proven their bond indestructible. Four chapters of musical history to date, The Sickness, Believe, Ten Thousand Fists, and Indestructible are but the beginning of their legacy. It’s only now we realize after standing tall a decade strong, THE SICKNESS IS THE CURE.


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