Bobby Lee Rodgers & The CodeTalkers at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8pm, show at 8pm
tickets: $15 (buy tickets)


Rock & roll needs fresh blood to thrive, and it has rarely had a more exuberant, beautifully crafted infusion than THE CODETALKERS. Bobby Lee Rogers, along with Andrew Altman and Mark Raudabaugh make a fiery trio that taps into your soul with their emotive vocals, crystal clear guitar licks and steady drum and bass cadence. The CODETALKERS' music exhibits a passionate commitment to fundamentals that makes every note solid & sweet, constantly reminding the listener of rock's bedrock pleasures. “You have to know what’s been done before you. Why not start with the wheel and build from that,” says bandleader Bobby Lee Rodgers. The stellar songwriter, vocalist and guitarist possesses the kind of individuality that pop artists had between 1965-1975: a golden decade where musicians played with classic forms and made them sound brand new. “It’s ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ and what version of that you have in your head,” continues Rodgers. “All pop music comes back to a basic folk tune. That’s what makes music transcend and touch people.” Doors at 8pm. $15 18+.


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