CELLDWELLER Live show and DVD shoot at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8pm
tickets: $12 adv / $15 dos (buy tickets)


CELLDWELLER is a hybrid fusion of aggressive electronic music combined with orchestral and rock influences. Klayton, the multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, songwriter, performer, programmer, and re-mixer, is the mastermind behind it all. Known worldwide for pioneering new sounds and methods for creating his tracks, Klayton continues to generate music that resonates and relates to both fans and the entertainment industry worldwide. With such a unique sound, Celldweller has achieved widespread media exposure with placements in over one hundred major film, T.V., or video game spots including films like Ninja Assassin, Daybreakers, Iron Man, and Spider-man 2 &3, video games like Dead Rising 2, Forza 3, Baja 1000, and Need For Speed: Most Wanted, as well as T.V. shows like Criss Angel’s Mindfreak, American Idol, UFC: Countdown, and NCIS. Between his entertainment media placements, internet & college radio play, and remixes he’s written and performed for other artists such as BT, Pendulum, and Prong, Celldweller’s music has been heard by millions around the world.

The new Celldweller live show is the culmination of Klayton’s influences and vision for his art – taking a performance duo of himself and Bret (from Blue Stahli, FiXT) on the road with uniquely lit set pieces, video synchronization, and live instrumentation to remixed and mashed up electro-rock hybrid versions of songs from the Celldweller catalogue. The live show draws influence from numerous electronic styles such as dubstep, house, and trance while hybridizing it with Klayton’s traditionally rougher edge.

This concert will be recorded for a Live DVD.

w/ special guest RYLE Next Level Muzik - Seattle,WA


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