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To simply say that EL-P is serious about his music would be an understatement. Upon first listen to I'll Sleep When You're Dead, its readily apparent that this record a magnum opus 4 years in the making - represents a culmination of profound musical, personal, and political experiences reaching their tumultuous climax. This record is about the struggle faced by those living in a rapidly changing society, El himself calling this his post-traumatic stress album where he attempts to capture the political by representing the internal. Evoking vocals and production aesthetics so viscerally indicative of the current era, El-P has outdone himself yet again, effectively mastering his brand of cutting-edge head-nodders and pushing forward a genre that has long held him as an undisputed kingpin. El-P will be joined by DJ Mr. Dibbs and the Mighty Quin. With DIZZEE RASCAL(with special guest DJ Aaron LaCrate): Whether Dizzee is going mano a mano with American gangsta rap legends Bun B and Pimp C, or paying his dues to his UK heritage by collaborating with drum and bass legend Shy FX; whether he’s sampling Lyn Collins on the straightest hip-hop track he’s ever done or going way out there to a Martial Arts film soundtrack of knives being sharpened, it never takes more than half a bar of his raw, guttural, urgent rhyming to realise you’re in the presence of the Rasket. The more musical ground he covers, the easier he seems to find it to be true to himself. With BUSDRIVER.On the tenuous fringes of what can be deemed "rap" there lies the reviled LA maverick, Busdriver, who for years has been wowing unsuspecting audiences with his patented visceral onslaught of rants, rhyming and displaced musical sensibility. Also with INVINCIBLE and FINALE: Invincible is considered a dangerous lyrical warrior whose verses are steeped in defiance. It is rumored her lab in the microgalaxy known as Detroit, MI, has been the headquarters for historic metamorphosis with conspirators including her crew the (all female hiphop collective) ANOMOLIES, Finale, Suheir Hammad, and Waajeed of bling47/PPP. Splitting her time between youth organizing with Detroit Summer’s Live Arts Media Project, the US Palestine Youth Solidarity Network, and constant touring she blurs the line between art and activism. Invincible’s latest evolution, and long awaited solo debut: "Shapeshifters", promises to be even more rebelliously appealing to the masses than her previous work.

With Detroit's own lyrical warrior Invincible



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