THE CLASSIC with Special Guests at the Pike Room

doors at 8:30
tickets: $10 in adv $12 day of (buy tickets)


This is The Classic, a hip-hop/punk collaboration straight out of Detroit, Michigan. Specific genres aside, the bands’s music brings together original club beats, intricate and calculated lyrical rhymes, addicting hooks and verses, mixed with a diverse musical pace ranging from punk rock speed to old school hip-hop rhythm. Sampling heavily from the experiences of life for inspiration, the lyrics and songs are designed to keep a party bumping all night and console you after an evening of bad decisions and great stories.

The new LP The Fear The Fight The Fame recently dropped in August, and the band is already working on their third LP offering for the listening public. The Classic is comprised of three local boys who bring their own unique talents to the band. Mike (Danger) Brown is the creative mind behind the beats of all the tracks. Performing as a single artist, professional name DJ Danger in the Detroit and Lansing areas for the past five years, has afforded him considerable industry experience. Will (Serious Black) Glover is the main lyricist complete with a notebook of rhymes and a masterful ability to rap in studio and on stage. Will was formerly a bassist and accompaniment singer for the indie band 5star, which was signed under an indie label formerly known as Aseltine records. After 5star broke up, Will helped create The Classic. The third member is Derek (The Engineer or Engi) Pike. Derek is an audio engineer who puts all of the music together for the band as well as writes and raps lyrics on every track. Derek formerly worked with a top recording studio in Birmingham, Michigan, called RMS Sound Studios as one of their audio engineers. This group was formed by three talented and experienced musicians coming together to create an original and unique sound that they could only be achieved in collaboration.

This band is distinguished by their potential and driven by their pursuit of sound perfection. With just a month’s time separating them from their latest LP, the band is already back in the studio working on a new album. The sky is the limit, The Classic just wants to know who will be along for the ride.


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