RAH RAH as part of B*Lite at the Vernors Room

doors at 10pm
tickets: FREE


Rah Rah's sophomore album, Breaking Hearts was recorded and mixed in Montreal by Kees Dekker (Plants & Animals) and was released on June 1, 2010 in Canada. It follows the widespread industry praise for 2008’s debut album, Going Steady and reinforces the increasing visibility that has accompanied Rah Rah’s relentless tour schedule. RAH RAH were crowned “Best New Canadian Band” and “Best New Alternative Band” by iTunes in 2009. The band has also been featured as Itunes Download of the Week and Starbucks Pick of the Week in Canada.

The band members share a collective mentality, taking turns taking the lead, both in songwriting and while on stage, and constantly switching instruments. The proud prairie rockers sing of the seriousness of art, poetry, love and politics, and contrast it with a stage full of confetti, pinatas, candy, and six friends loving life and having fun. But don’t let their fresh faces, confetti cannons and constant sugar highs fool you, Rah Rah are old souls. This young, seven-member ensemble artfully bridge sincerity with the absurd. Despite lyrics that touch on underwater sea creatures, stockbrokers, Saskatchewan (and now Montreal), and impressionist painters - their songs are built to break your heart. All this along with the melodic male/female vocals and diverse instrumentation (guitars, bass, drums, keys, violin, accordion, ukulele), ensures that a Rah Rah show will not disappoint.


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