EASTBOUND with MOCI and DAYBREAK at the Pike Room

doors at 7:30
tickets: $10 at the door


EASTBOUND is a Jam Rock band out of Detroit with a heavy Jazz, Blues, and Funk influence. Eastbound has maintained a very unique sound right from the beginning. This is all due to the extremely diverse interests of each of the five members. They formed in June of 2010 completely by chance, but over time the group has progressively grown into a great ensemble with a sound that each member has grown to love. Currently working on their first album the band has really struggled to label their genre and for the most part has strayed away from labeling themselves. The band originally started with Ahmed Salem on the electric guitar, Brandon Abraham on the drums, and Rohan Shetty on the bass guitar. “Individually we had been writing music for a long time, but we were never able to successfully put it together.We never made anything satisfying enough until we all started the creative process together,” said Shetty. "Breezin’ was our first track that Brandon and I had been working on since January of 2010 before we had joined with Ahmed. Up until now it still remains as one our favorites as it sort of reminds us where we came from.” With the addition of Salem, Eastbound was formed. Salem came from a heavy blues background, opening up Pandora's Box, in terms of genres. The trio now had influences from every genre ranging from Funk to Experimental Rock. After a couple months of work, they were able to put together three originals, yet still lacking the sound they were yearning for. Tommy Issac, electric guitarist, then entered. "Tommy brings a lot of versatility to the group and his high music IQ has helped the writing process a lot," said Abraham. With the help of Tommy Highway 1 was completed. “We finally felt that musically we were complete, but vocally we were not satisfied," according to the band. This is where Tommy’s brother Jay Issac joined as the lead singer. "Jay has brought a whole new vibe to Eastbound broadening our horizon even more, says Shetty." The group finally feels like they have achieved their ideal sound.



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