TONY LUCCA with JERAD FINCK at the Pike Room

doors at 7PM
tickets: $10 advance / $12 day of (buy tickets)


Singer-songwriter TONY LUCCA’s sixth album, “Rendezvous With the Angels,” finds the performer crafting his most thoughtful, tuneful, and mature work yet. Lucca notes, “A lot of my earlier records have break-up songs on them, and woe-is-me songs, and pointing-finger songs. Those make for emotional music, and a lot of people can relate to those songs. But that’s not really so much where I am anymore.”

A variety of musical influences flow through Lucca’s music. Among his peers, he says, “There have been a few artists of late who have raised the bar and have forced me to reach higher – Ray LaMontagne, Jeff Tweedy and Wilco, Band of Horses, Fleet Foxes. These are people I listen to now that have become the underscore, the soundtrack to my life. Whenever I’m stuck on a lyric I think to myself, ‘What would Tweedy do?’”

As far as the veteran artists who have helped shape his sound and style, he adds, “I’m a huge Crosby, Stills & Nash fan, and a Joni Mitchell fan. Lyrically and compositionally, I’ve always tried to incorporate their integrity into what I do. And over the last five years I’ve spent an ample amount of time with the Beatles. There’s music, and then there’s the Beatles. They’re almost like a course you’d take in school.”

Lucca’s life-long immersion in music and his ever-deepening experience have resulted in a potently affecting new work. Summarizing his achievement on “Rendezvous With the Angels,” he says, “I set out to make a record that was me, as much as possible. I was trying to look at things from another angle. There are songs that deal with faith in love and letting go of relationships in hopes that they may return. It’s about the ebb and flow of love.”



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