MUDHONEY at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8PM
tickets: $15 (buy tickets)


The Crofoot Ballroom welcomes the legendary godfathers of grunge, MUDHONEY! They came from the old, weird Seattle, when it was a city most people had never considered. Legendary grunge godfathers MUDHONEY come to the Crofoot Ballroom! Their EP Superfuzz Bigmuff introduced the world to a “brand new sound,” which in a few brief years would become “brand name.” This was a sound as remote and soggy as the city in which it was created. “Touch Me I’m Sick,” their now-classic single, provided a template for something countless other bands would mimic or steal outright in the decade to come. The guitars were fierce; a fierceness Glen Taylor from The Dicks couldn’t have conceived. It was the sonic equivalent of an amplified comb scraping against paper, if you will. The drummer, Dan Peters, was spastic and intense, and bassist Matt Lukin (formerly of sludgies The Melvins) played like his fists were beating something hollow. It was noisy, urgent and, above all else, necessary, if rock music were to survive. This was 1988 after all, the year Alice Cooper announced a run for Arizona governor and Tipper Gore launched an attack against free expression. Let’s say the story ended there. Mudhoney would have gone down as one of the most significant bands of the late 1980s, with Superfuzz Bigmuff as influential as Fun House. “Touch Me I’m Sick” would no doubt be included on the updated version of the Anthology of American Folk Music. Kids everywhere would fiddle with their amplifiers and effects pedals trying to happen upon the exact configurations of The Mudhoney Sound, also known as The Seattle Sound. These kids would start a band with their friends and the cycle would continue. But it didn’t end there. By 1990, this Mudhoney Sound became Grunge and our heroes have kept making records through it all, including the brand new 'Lucky Ones'. With special guests, Detroit's own EASY ACTION.


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