DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8PM
tickets: $20 (buy tickets)


DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS return with what is by far their most eclectic, yet cohesive album ever, 'Brighter Than Creation's Dark.' Stylistically, they run the gamut from old-timey sounding country to a heavy R&B influence. Some songs that are quieter than any they've ever recorded and some that rock harder than anything they've ever done. In the end it's still all Rock and Roll. Amid ragged riffs, light honky-tonk and elegant slow stuff, the Truckers turn in tuneful, finely wrought story-songs. In the past decade, Drive-By Truckers have evolved into ace songwriters chronicling Southern lives full of wrecked marriages, natural disasters and dead-end jobs. As Robert Christgau wroet in his four-star record review of the latest: "And knowing he has to carry the team, Patterson Hood executes — scene-setters about domestic life as celestial respite, endless struggle and occasion to drink; dark-siders about crystal meth (named) and suicide (implied); memoir of an opening act on the road; and two agonizing Iraq songs, one of which sinks pained voice into guitar attack, strength against strength. ... They let the songwriting speak for itself, and it sings loud and clear."


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