Our Brother the Megazord! @ Phonotropic in The Vernors Room

FRIDAY MAY 9, 2008
doors at 9pm, show at 9:30pm
tickets: $5 cover, free with student id.


Our Brother the Megazord!

"Our Brother The Megazord is meant to be heard at a dance party, and is an outlet for Randolph to run with how happy music makes him,"Indie filter.

Phonotropic is a new form of multi-layered nightlife built on three elements, fresh new music, stunning visual art, and cheap drinks. The stage on the ground level of The Vernors is compact and leaves artists only four powered channels with which to mix. Phonotropic believes that this restriction will encourage artists to reinterpret their music, charge their creativity and guarantee audiences brand-new sounds. Visual artists from the metro-Detroit area will be invited by Candyland Gallery to display their works as an enhancement to the pre-existing artistic designs in the venue. Finally, every Friday there will be a house-concocted $2 liquor special to allow audiences from varied income levels to participate in the festivities equally. Phonotropic intends to become the standard for pushing the envelope of music, entertainment, and social engagement in Detroit. Doors are at eight p.m. Cover is $5 but is totally free to persons with a valid student ID (18+).



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