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Just before LENKA steps on stage to begin recording her video for her first single “The Show,” she makes a promise: “I want to write more songs about being in love. On album two you’ll hear more of those.”

It was 2008, and at the time, her self-titled debut album had yet to drop and there was a lot yet to come for the petite Australian singer, including a move to America, live appearances on Conan O’Brien and other late-night talk shows, and the celebratory moment when her album hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart. Oh…and there was also an engagement to James Gulliver Hancock, a visual artist with whom she’s shared many creative collaborations. So, this year, she makes good on her word and returns with Two, an album full of love songs. But, as you’ll hear, not all of Two’s songs were all spun from lazy, romantic mornings. That’s because, thanks to the success of her debut, Lenka spent most of 2009 touring the world. She played intimate clubs and large festivals like Bumbershoot and Summer Sonic. And, while the stage wasn’t new territory for her – she’d previously fronted the indie band Decoder Ring and had acted professionally in her teenage years – traveling to 21 countries in ten months was eye-opening. “It was intense. Life is just so concentrated when you’re on the road. One day feels like a month.” She continues, “But, I’ve always been a little bit of a gypsy, so I do love it. I really wanted to get more out of it than just touring as a musician. I wanted to connect with people and almost pretend that I was just traveling, like backpacking or something to experience the different cultures.” She was impressed by many of the countries she was seeing for the first time on that tour, like Denmark, Japan, and Thailand, but it was her experience in Vietnam that really blew her away. “It’s rare for an artist to get the opportunity to perform in Vietnam, so I felt quite honored and lucky.”

With Elizabeth and the Catapult

Elizabeth and The Catapult - You and Me from Baeblemusic on Vimeo.


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