SUNDAY JUNE 19, 2011
doors at 4pm
tickets: $10 ADV; $12 DOS (buy tickets)


From the perpetually down-on-its-luck, blue collar, rustbelt factory town of Flint, Michigan, comes new Fueled By Ramen signees The Swellers, a punk band that knows a thing or two about making hard, no-nonsense, but infinitely catchy music.

Following in the footsteps of other hard- Flintites who've made their name on the world stage—film provocateur Michael Moore, ’70s hard rock pioneers Grand Funk Railroad, ’80s grindcore/death-metal pioneers Repulsion, and the late rapper M.C. Breed—The Swellers have forged a hard-edged, yet accessible style of punk over the better part of a decade, the last three of which have been spent touring non-stop with the likes of Less Than Jake, Set Your Goals, Four Year Strong, A Wilhelm Scream and Streetlight Manifesto, among numerous others.

Now, with their Fueled By Ramen debut Ups and Downsizing the Flint-area four-piece manages to expound on the rollercoaster of life they’ve experienced on the road and in that perpetual hard-luck area just north of Detroit while expanding the poppy punk sound they've been honing since their mid-teens.

In true punk tradition, Ups and Downsizing is the outraged cry of a band that has seen its world on the precipice. It’s also the sound of a band that sees hope in the most hopeless of situations.

"Our last album My Everest was pretty pessimistic. It kind of had a negative view, it was a bummer but the music was uplifting," explains singer-guitarist Nick Diener, referring to their critically acclaimed first album, released in 2007. “This new one I'd say is expanded musically and lyrically. It’s got a certain ‘looking-up’ kind of feel to it. Here’s where it is now, it’ll just get better, but you’ve got to work for it.”

The title song was inspired by what’s been going on in Michigan long before the recession hit the rest of the country—dwindling jobs, people moving out of the state, a bleak future—and how it hit Diener and his drummer brother, Jonathan, at home after their father was laid off from an automotive-related job.

With both of the original minds that birthed Fueled By Ramen in their stable, and resounding support from labelmates Paramore, it was just a matter of time before the team that gave us Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Gym Class Heroes would catch up with The Swellers.


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