MARC BROUSSARD with SCARS ON 45 and CHIC GAMINE at the Eagle Theater

doors at 7pm
tickets: $18 ADV; $20 DOS (buy tickets)


Some of the greatest albums release with a fanfare of news angles. One might hit the market with a tantalizing personal backstory. Another might signify some kind of career-changing milestone.

But not Marc Broussard, appropriately this unique artist’s first self-titled album. The story here is simple yet eloquent: It’s great music, pulled from the heart, crafted impeccably and delivered with the deep emotion that has long marked Broussard as one of the great vocalists of our time.

More than most artists in the modern spotlight, Broussard achieves a depth in all aspects of his writing and singing through his love for and mastery of tradition. Strong currents of R&B, sanctified church and the many other flavors of his Louisiana bayou home nourish his songs, more so than ever on Marc Broussard. The exhilarating drive of its first single, “Only Everything,” the old-school soul, hushed and exultant, of “Lucky,” the swampy blues that haunts “Eye on the Prize” and every other track is a lesson in transplanting the seeds of American music into the spirit of today.


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