JESSE MALIN at the Pike Room

doors at 7pm, show at 7pm
tickets: $12 in advance! (buy tickets)


Singer/songwriter JESSE MALIN was the face of the glam/hard rock band D Generation for eight years until the broke up in 1999. Malin, who's a punk with a soft heart, didn't stop writing music after the break-up. His love for Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Steve Earle affected his work; he spent the next two years working on a fresh, countrified sound. Ex-Whiskeytown frontman Ryan Adams, who'd been a friend of Milan since the D Generation days, was impressed with Malin's new approach. The two headed into Lo-Ho Studios in New York in January 2001 and made an album in just six days. A deal with Artemis soon followed. THE FINE ART OF SELF DESTRUCTION appeared in the U.K. in October 2002 and the British press quickly hailed Malin's debut as one of the year's best. Malin contributed a version of "Hungry Heart" to the benefit album Light of Day: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen; he also picked up a nomination for the Shortlist Music Prize. By November he was back in the studio, laying down tracks for Self Destruction's follow-up. THE HEAT appeared in June 2004, accompanied by a string of tour dates on both sides of the pond. Malin's third album was recorded in Los Angeles during the summer/fall of 2006, which marked his first time making a record outside of New York (or even above 14th Street) during his career. Featuring guest spots by Bruce Springsteen and Jakob Dylan, among others, GLITTER IN THE GUTTER eventually surfaced in March 2007. Malin spent most the year on the road with his backing band THE HEAT. Doors at 7pm. $12 in advance! all ages show.


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