JOE LALLY (of Fugazi) with ALLAN JAMES and HELEN MONEY and More! at the Vernors Room

doors at 8pm
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Joe Lally is best known as the bassist and a founding member of the band Fugazi. During the years that band has been on hiatus he has kept himself busy performing and recording his own music.

Before Lally's solo music took shape, a move to Los Angeles led to a collaboration with long time Fugazi fan John Frusciante. In 2004 they released the first Ataxia record, Automatic Writing (Record Collection) along with drummer Josh Klinghoffer (Beck, P.J. Harvey, Gnarls Barkley, Sparks). A second Ataxia record was released in 2007 called AW ll (Record Collection). In 2005 Lally returned to Washington, DC and began performing his own music in coffee houses and art galleries singing and playing bass. In 2006 Lally continued live performances accompanied by a percussionist, Jason Kourkounis (Delta 72, Hot Snakes, Bardo Pond).

October 2006 saw the release of his first solo record, There To Here (Dischord). Musicians appearing with Lally included Ian MacKaye and Guy Picciotto of Fugazi, Amy Farina (The Evens), Jerry Busher (part time Fugazi drummer, French Toast), Eddie Janney (Rites of Spring), Scott Weinrich (The Obsessed, Spirit Caravan, Hidden Hand) and Jason Kourkounis.

US tours followed with Antelope, The Melvins, and for the first time with Capillary Action the whole band (drums, guitar, keyboard and trombone) backed up Lally for his set. Lally also toured Brasil in November 2006 teaming up with percussionist Mauricio Takara (Sao Paulo Underground, Hurtmold) and guitarist Fernando Cappi (Hurtmold) who brought a Samba flavor to the music.

After touring Europe in 2007 with Italian band Zu, Lally recorded his second album, Nothing Is Underrated aided by a number of friends; Guy Picciotto, Eddie Janney, Ricardo Lagomasino, Ben Azzara (Capitol City Dusters, DCIC), Devin Ocampo (Medications). On completion of that record Joe relocated to Rome and continued touring the US, Europe and Brazil with Andrea Moscianese (Mughen, Tiro Mancino) sitting in on guitar.

After extensive touring in 2009 which covered Australia (backed by australian players Timothy and Jake Nicastri of Gallucci), 2 US tours, Japan, The UK and Ireland, the first half of 2010 was set aside to finish writing and recording. Lally's first two solo records were almost experimental in design as he crafted song structures from bass and vocal parts to provide a foundation which a variety of other musicians could add to. Songs for the new record grew more naturally in the live setting as Lally was joined more often than not by guitar player Elisa Abela of Catania, Sicily and drummers Ricardo Lagomasino (Capillary Action, Many Arms) in the US and Emanuele Tomasi (Nohaybanda Trio) covering european dates. Abela and Tomasi joined Lally in the studio for the new recording. There are plans to tour Europe in the fall and to get back to the US to mix the new record when time allows. Fabio Chinca (Brutopop, Assalti Frontali) will be joining Abela and Lally as drummer on upcoming european dates.

With Detroit's own ALLAN JAMES and HELEN MONEY


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