The Crofoot Presents: ALPHA REV at iLOUNGE @ Clutch Cargo's

doors at 7pm
tickets: $10 ADV; $12 DOS (buy tickets)


Half Greek, half Latin, the words pulled together loosely mean "the beginning of something new." At least that's how Texas-born musician Casey McPherson describes the name of the group he fronts. He goes on to say, "It's that feeling when the light bulb goes off, that instant of inspiration and redemption, those moments that keep us going forward."

It's also an apt description of the music on the band's major label debut for Hollywood Records. Produced by David Kahne, the record overflows with intense soul-searching, memorable lyrics and instantly accessible melodies. And it's the melodies that provide the backbone of Alpha Rev's music. "Melody is what connects the music -- it takes you somewhere, gives you a memory, gives you hope, changes your mind, lets you chill out, drive a little bit farther or stay up a little bit later," McPherson notes.

The album tells the story of a day in the life of any one of us, hitting the ground running with high hopes when we open our eyes in the morning, then going through a number of trials that tests our resolve before we emerge, hopefully, whole on the other side.

"Music is my way of communicating," says McPherson. "It's a gift I've been given and trained to do. If I knew how to do it in a less personal way, it would be a lot easier." It's that raw emotion that fuels many of the tracks on the record including the lead track "Phoenix Burn," a song about rising up from the ashes of disappointment. The fire-and-brimstone quality to his lyrics is no fluke, but points straight at his upbringing in the church where he honed his musical talents. "Colder Months," a song inspired by an online session with Bob Schneider and Jason Mraz, recalls his time in New York, pawning his guitar pedals and eating crackers to survive.

Home-schooled, McPherson immersed himself in music at an early age turning around the Hondo acoustic guitar his father bought at Sears, so he could use it left-handed, learning to play the chords upside-down and teaching himself how to write "1-4-5 chords on one hand and melody on the other" on a toy electric keyboard.

Exposed to a wide berth of music, McPherson's influences run the gamut from Bach, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky to Glen Miller, Pink Floyd, Steve Miller and Johnny Cash. As an artist, McPherson's inspirations come from experience and tragedy, giving his songs a poetic sense marked with a subtle urgency and abandon.

Already piquing interest, the band's songs have been featured on Bravo's NYC Prep, the ABC Family hit Greek and the CW's Melrose Place.

The iLounge at Clutch Cargo's is located at 65 East Huron Street, Pontiac, MI 48342 • (248) 333-2362


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