**CANCELED** WILDLIFE at the Pike Room

doors at 7pm
tickets: $10 ADV; $12 DOS


WILDLIFE is five friends from Ontario - Five energetic, adventurous, youthful barbarians who held their first concert in a haunted ballroom on the Isle of Pines on the St. Lawrence River. As the name implies, Wildlife is very much a contingent of spirited Canadian mountain children. Though geographically distant from any actual peaks, it’s not difficult to imagine the band cutting loose through patches of wildflowers, hitting you over the head with snowballs, and tobogganing down steep slippery slopes straight into the warm cave of your heart. In short, Wildlife likes to have fun (whether that means making you cheer, dance, jump, clap, shout or scream-cry), and the band is keen on creating a big, sweaty sound that captures what it is to be young and vital.

Wildlife’s debut Strike Hard, Young Diamond will be bigger than the aforementioned mountains – certainly much bigger than any mountains in Middle Canada. And like a loaded, five-man party sled to your heart, the record’s aim is true: youth is wide-eyed, carefree, and irresponsible and we’re all part of it. Thematically, the album furthers an understanding of what it is to be naïve and full of spark: it embraces our failures, nurtures our successes; and most importantly, it celebrates it.

Though Strike Hard, Young Diamond has its sights set on creating light-hearted indie ballads to blast through your vintage speakers as the sun comes up after a long distant party, the record has a far greater heartfelt depth buried past it’s sweaty outer shell. And if the high-speed ambush of sleds and snowballs doesn’t surprise you, finding yourself in a record that is so exuberant and genuinely thoughtful very well may.


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