CYNIC with THREE and SCALE THE SUMMIT at iLounge @ Clutch Cargo's

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‘How do you follow a timeless classic?’ writes Dom Lawson from magazine Metal Hammer, referring to Cynic’s debut album "Focus“ from 1993. ‘Wait 15 years and make another one! “Traced In Air“ is a sublime, otherworldly monument to artistry, inspiration and music itself.‘

Cynic is back! Fifteen years after the band’s seminal debut “Focus“, the band returns with what can be termed a perfectly timed follow-up: The new album is “Traced in Air“ and defies easy categorization, pushing the boundaries once again of the progressive metal genre. Even proponents of the band’s previous output were somewhat shocked upon initial listenings to “Focus” in early 1993. Nobody could possibly have predicted the incredible strides the band would make in a year’s time. Their musical merits had already been well-documented by this time, not only in the earlier CYNIC material which showcased their instrumental prowess, but also within their contributions to other projects. It was particularly on the breakthrough fourth album from Death - “Human” - when the greater world learned of Reinert and Masvidal in particular, as their participation allowed late bandleader Chuck Schuldiner to realize a new technical benchmark in extreme music, something that only helped to fuel the demand for a full-length CYNIC album.

The legacy that they had left behind with only eight recorded songs from their first and only album, was truly amazing, rightly earning them undeniable cult-status. So when the legendary US band announced their reunion tour in 2007 to perform the music that made them famous, the outpouring of support from dedicated fans as well as the press was a catalyst for founding member and songwriter, Paul Masvidal, to take a creative leap-of-faith. After the reunion tour, Masvidal began what would become a relentless nine-month-journey dedicated to re-visiting his roots and re-discovering his musical vision as one of progressive rock’s most innovative guitar players and fearlessly original composers. With Cynic co-founder and musical heavyweight, drummer Sean Reinert, the pair forged the resulting album, “Traced in Air.”

Grammy-winner Warren Riker (Down, The Fugees, and Santana) recorded and mixed the new album that not only stands up to Cynic’s masterful debut, but pushes beyond and into new realms of sound architecture. The trademark musicianship – daring arrangements that contain intricate guitar melodies, Masvidal’s ethereal and dual vocals approach, punctuated with fierce growling (from Dutch newcomer Tymon), Reinert’s trademark, articulate drumming along side Sean Malone’s framing bass lines -- all remain to form a seamless meshing of traditional metal structure with both jazz and fusion. Further crystallized now is a refined sensibility for the craft of songwriting, the structure of melody and a deeper exploration of Cynic’s use of various invented sounds. Masvidal’s lyrical dexterity and unified vision invite the listener to take a spiritual journey as much as a musical one. The results are fresh, and unpretentious as they are powerful: The ethereal is made concrete. And the earthly becomes as luminous as the astounding paintings by Venosa that make up the albums visionary artwork.

“Traced in Air” witnesses the band’s ascension to an even higher level of musicianship, revealing now all the accumulated experiences and accomplishments of fifteen years spent composing and performing in various musical constellations: The playfulness and freedom that come from true mastery of one’s instrument and emotional maturity are here. The satisfying balance between sound and silence, restraint and abandon are in play. Within a vigorous and relentless 34 minutes of music, “Traced in Air” rockets past the listener with the intensity of a comet. The album’s tightly woven and masterfully orchestrated eight songs work together to tell a story of human struggle and transcendence, leading the listener through an otherworldly soundscape that hints at the vast spiritual landscape to be explored. Like the many bejeweled arms of some powerful Hindu goddess, these eight new songs overthrow the mundane and lift the listener to new heights. It is as if the whole arc of Masvidal’s inner adventure as a human being is followed. It is rarefied air, indeed, where Cynic outlines their newest sound: They’ve officially forged a new genre and they call it ‘breath metal’. Cynic fans may want to invest in oxygen masks.

With upcoming tours in both Europe and the USA to support the new album, Cynic will continue to show that there is little on the album which they can not re-create in a live setting. Cynic leader Masvidal comments on the excitement of his new album and the hubbub it’s already generating: “I’m amazed that we’re here again, and that is a testament to the unpredictable beauty of the creative process. We received so much inspiration during last summer’s reunion tour that a flood of new material has since poured out of us. There must be a default metal root in us from childhood that insists on being watered and loved, so we are just trying to keep up with ourselves – the CYNIC sirens are screaming inside and will not let up! Our policy has always been about surrendering to what feels most organic and staying in the flow. To put it mildly, this last year has been a creatively abundant and productive period. We're intoxicated about now and the future.” Now, it is your turn to get intoxicated with "Traced in Air"!

The iLounge at Clutch Cargo's is located at 65 East Huron Street, Pontiac, MI 48342 • (248) 333-2362


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