HURT : "The Acoustic Performance" with GHOSTS OF AUGUST at the Hard Rock Cafe Detroit

doors at 7pm
tickets: $12 ADV; $15 DOS (buy tickets)


HURT is an apt name for a band that has been exploring man’s struggle with the human condition. J. Loren Wince has crafted 4 critically acclaimed and smart studio albums that reveal as much of his philosophy as his musical perfectionism, and 2009’s Goodbye to The Machine doubled down on Hurt’s brand of intelligent hard rock with a heavy dose of insight of our collective humanity. Hurt is a purveyor of divine tragedy and J. Loren’s depiction of personal suffering on the micro and macro level has come full circle with the band’s soon to be released 5th studio album The Crux (Street date 3/27/2012 on Carved Records), which will entertain and illuminate and, as the title implies, get to the heart of the matter.

The release of The Crux also marks another milestone for Hurt as they have signed with Carved Records for what will be a new multi-album relationship. According to J. Loren, “We made the decision for Carved Records to be our new home because they truly are one of the few companies that continues to believe in rock oriented artists and their music. With their solid commitment to growing and working bands in an uncertain musical climate, we felt this was the right fit for HURT.”

The Label, the Band and Management’s approach to this new album will be to take HURT on a ‘pre-THE CRUX-release’ Acoustic Tour starting in St Louis on October 29, 2010. “At the heart of HURT is this perfect combination of musical math and poetry and a musicianship that can get lost in all the media noise,” states Phil Thomas, Carved Records VP of Operation who goes on to elaborate, “…we believe these guys deserve the attention and platform for their art and to borrow their own title, The Crux of their art is their live shows and in order to give this band the runway we asked them to re-think their previous hit songs and to push the envelope of their art and talent and do this ‘Acoustic Performance Tour’ as a prelude to The Crux release and 2012 touring.” Simply stated: “…we want to give HURT fans a chance to reconnect with HURT and experience the gravity of their music at a basic level.” HURT Fans will get to see J. Loren (vocals & violin), Michael Roberts (guitar), Rek Mohr (bass), Victor Ribas (drums) with a cellist and have an exclusive opportunity to hear the band not only reinterpret classic HURT hits like “Falls Apart,” “Rapture,” “Wars,” as well as being the first to hear new songs from The Crux. “We’re excited to showcase familiar tunes in a new light with our upcoming acoustic tour. It has been something that fans have been requesting for quite some time and, as musicians, it is also important for us to keep reinventing ourselves, even if sometimes that means going back to the roots. Most of these songs were written on acoustic instruments and it is one of the strengths of this band that I look forward to sharing with you. See you there.”


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