FRIDAY MAY 30, 2008
doors at 8pm
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


BROKEN SPINDLES is the lo-fi electronic solo project of bassist Joel Peterson, the founding member of Omaha, NE‘s The Faint. His project began as an accompaniment to a friend's film project but was ultimately realized as an 11 track self-titled album in 2002. This album was a curious mixture of electro, emo, Faint-style new wave and so-called incidental music with an aggressive yet retro-kitschy twist. Since there are no vocals, the drama came from quickly escalating dynamics and the interplay between Peterson's keyboard army and a host of analog sounds like the glockenspiel and dulcimer. A tour followed in the fall of 2002 with Peterson playing behind a giant screen showing a film, one he himself created, to accompany his music. Peterson returned with Fulfilled/Complete in spring 2004. While the first two records were recorded in professional studios, 2005's Inside/Absent was recorded and mixed in Peterson's home, away from outside opinions and influences. This seperation shifted his writing styles making honest, direct lyrics with vocals to follow suit, all completely the way Peterson wanted it. With MARCO POLIO AND THE NEW VACCINES and more.


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