ANATHALLO and DOSH in the Pike Room

SUNDAY MAY 18, 2008
doors at 8pm
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


Hailing from the small town of Mt. Pleasant, MI, ANATHALLO continues the long, proud tradition of bands that start in little college towns in the middle of nowhere. ANATHALLO is a quirky, indie band with the sort of unique sound that comes from a place where it’s easy to ignore outside influences. The sounds they play with come from a diverse arsenal of instruments such as bells, trumpets, the flugelhorn, trombones, the piano. They also use unconventional instruments like the sound of velcro or even pipes. In fact, the closest point of comparison to ANATHALLO’s experimental take on folk-rock comes from the loose collective of bands based in Athens that grew out of the Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel: describing their sound as "a marching band gone wild," the band blends trippy neo-psychedelic guitar pop with a fully integrated horn section, layers of keyboards, and masses of hand percussion.

Sharing the stage with experimental racket and lo-fi individualism will be DOSH. It started with Martin Dosh, drummer of Fog, Minneapolis' eclectic outfit fronted by Andrew Broder. Since then, DOSH has involved himself profoundly at perfecting a sound that is untried yet polished, with deep instrumentation and rich variation. DOSH's virtuostic drumming and Rhodes mastery bolstered by turntables whirrs, saxaphone gushes, guitar picking, and sampled family vocals is as organic and exact as primordal soup. He is jazz, hip-hop, rock, and electronica on an axis of experimentalism. An unabashed sentimentalist, DOSH is not afraid to make his music personal, and wearing his heart on his beats, he wants his music to be taken that way as well. Doors at 8pm. $10 all ages show


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