**CANCELLED** - LAMB OF GOD with DETHKLOK, and GOJIRA at Compuware Arena

doors at 6pm
tickets: $35 ADV; $40 DOS (buy tickets)


LAMB OF GOD with DETHKLOK, and GOJIRA at Compuware Arena

Compuware Arena is located at 14900 Beck Rd. Plymouth Charter Township, MI 48170


There are metal bands and then there is Lamb of God.

A new breed of modern American metal was erected in the 2000s, with Lamb of God serving as an architect, designing the blueprint that would become the standard by which bands that came after them would be judged. So often, the European metal scene has set the tone and established the creative high watermark of the global metal scene, providing the template that their American brethren would follow. Then Lamb of God came along and all bets were off.

It was Lamb of God who rewrote the rules, devised a new playbook and raised the standard. The genre was forever and irrefutably changed by what the band has done. {...]

{...]Few bands can craft an album that's as thoughtful as it is visceral. One is often sacrificed in favor of the other. But such is not the case here. Lamb of God have managed to create a masterwork that allows the listener to unlock layers of sound and meaning on each consecutive listen.

There's a whole host of reasons that Lamb of God remain at the top of their game in 2012, while others have faded and fallen away. Resolution is evidence of the band's stronghold on heavy metal in 2012. None can match it, nor do they come close.

In 2012, and with Resolution, Lamb of God has earned their place in the metal pantheon.


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