THE HARD LESSONS at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7PM
tickets: $12 in advance (buy tickets)


Somewhere between the rawness of the White Stripes, the power of the Foo Fighters, and the hip factor of Death From Above 1979, is Detroit's most promising new act, THE HARD LESSONS. Fronted by Detroit’s modern incarnation of Ike and Tina, The Hard Lessons come on like an unexpected face-slap. With a sweaty live show rendering crowds and critics across the country “vanquished and sated,” and a critically accliamed debut album, “Gasoline,” The Hard Lessons are poised to take over the world. Dangerously exciting and addictively fun - Get out a pad and paper; THIS is Rock N Roll music. Critics consistently hail the band’s live performances as the best in town, no matter what city they play. Record release for the 4th EP in the B and G Sides project. With AMERICAN MARS, THE FOUR HOUR FRIENDS, and THE PAUL GREEN SCHOOL OF ROCK.

Here's more about the B AND G SIDES PROJECT: On July 26 when The Hard Lessons perform their new album "B&G Sides" start to finish at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan it will be the triumphant culmination of an all-consuming year of writing, recording and touring. Completely forgoing every "traditional" way of looking at the release of their eagerly anticipated second full-length collection of songs, The Hard Lessons blaze a trail that at once embraces the future, while tightly clinging to the past. "We're all huge supporters of brick-and-mortor record stores," begins guitarist and co-lead vocalist Augie Visocchi, "and we really believe in the idea of listening to an album and experiencing it along with the physical artwork. At the same time, with this release we really wanted to experiment with different ways to get our music to the fans quickly and for free through the internet." That is exactly what the band did, releasing "B&G Sides" in four separate and musically diverse parts, threaded together through lyrics and interlocking artwork that comes together like a puzzle. As each volume was completed, it was offered to fans via the band's website for free. A physical copy was also made available online and at shows. "The artwork for Volume 1 is the first piece of a puzzle that continues telling a story as it is completed with the subsequent Volumes. So you're getting a story with the lyrics, but also the artwork," continues Augie. In an age when musicians are pumping out disposable singles, The Hard Lessons are giving fans a reason to experience music beyond their I-Pod buds. Guest musicians on the album were also invited to perform, based on the vibe of each Volume. For Volume 2's bouncy retro-pop ballad "Everything Away," local virtuoso Will Yates of Zoos of Berlin, Javelins and The Pop Project was brought in on electric piano, freeing up key-bassist, keyboardist and co-vocalist Ko Ko Louise to lay down bass guitar, marking a first (and only) use of said instrument on a Hard Lessons song. Drummer The Anvil once again added vibraphone, along with his spirited and creative percussion. Other guests include Electric Six guitarist Zach Shipps on harmonica for Volume 3's speedy rock chant, "Go Die." Adding to the Americana vibe of Volume 4's first two songs, Dave Feeny of Blanche and Loretta Lynn's Do-Whaters was brought in on pedal steel and dobro. "B&G Sides" represents a transition period for The Hard Lessons, the beginning of the band's partnership with Quack! Media, a company that has provided the band with a home without stripping any of the freedom the band has clung so tightly to over their 4 year history. And after all, as it says on the packaging for "B&G Sides," the songs "tell the story of a band as much as a picture might. Moments aren't meant to last." This album will last, however, and stand as a testament to a band carving out its place in a world forever changed by technology. Chalk one up for the old school. And the new.


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