FREER and THE HIGH STRUNG in the Pike Room

doors at 8pm
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


Punk rock wasn't always necessarily about loud power chords and screaming dudes with Mohawks. Once upon a time, artists like the Clash and Elvis Costello played tuneful pop-rock that was nevertheless impacting in its own way, defying expectations and smashing boundaries. Detroit's FREER seeks to follow in their footsteps. They are vintage soul, R&B, and busy injecting fervor back into contemporary music. Keyboards, bass, drums, guitar — it doesn’t sound that unconventional. But come out and watch it happen, because it’s the way FREER twist their songs into and out of pop that really grabs the ears.

Sharing the stage is THE HIGH STRUNG. Extremely hard workers, they are often mistaken as something much more simple than they are. THE HIGH STRUNG are not a traditional rock and roll band. They don't have a bluesy bone in their body (though they sometimes long for one). And because of a vigorous tour schedule that wasn't planned but continued to feed off itself nonetheless, the High Strung do not belong to any one scene or "movement". They can't sit still! It is hard to say exactly who the band sounds like, although the words "quirky" and "autonomous" are ascribed them often. Either way, THE HIGH STRUNG are a band to root for. A band you can get behind. And the landscape (mountains, we'll say) created by a rhythm section who do not quit, and the bird-like voice that echoes off those mountains, makes for a hell of a back-drop for characters who do not fit exactly into the traditional rock n' roll landscape. Also with LIGHTING LOVE


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