KADRO in the Pike Room

doors at 8pm


KADRO is an indie-rock three piece from Detroit with a sound reminiscent of Nirvana and Janes Addiction. The band formed in March of 2007 when singer/songwriter Zach Kadro (Gryphon Shepherd, Animal Chinz), decided to start a new group with jazz drummer Zach Pliska (Twelfth Hour). Bassist Brian Barber, a long time friend of Pliska’s and working classical musician, saw Zach and Zach play and immediately wanted to be part of the project. The three members have varying musical tastes but share a common love for alternative rock.

With Detroit based I, CRIME. Beyond their stick twirling and alcoholic flair(not to mention drunken bicycling) I, CRIME truly is a band of songwriters. Creating songs from influences as estranged and arresting as traditional olde-time, power-pop, psyche-punk, honky-tonk, ’50s crooning and high-strung, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll. Detroit Metro couldn't have put it better when they described I, CRIME by saying, "They're fuzzy enough to get next to, but then you realize that that fuzz might be fiberglass insulation. Either way, they'll help you compulsively scratch the itch with boy-girl harmonies, bittersweet stories and a hang-loose rock swing that are part-bubblegum, part L.A.-punk circa 1977." Also with ELECTRIC ROOTS BAND.


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