BOB LOG III & SCOTT H. BIRAM in the Pike Room

FRIDAY JULY 25, 2008
doors at 8pm
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


BOB LOG III got his first guitar at the age of 11, and by the age of 16 he had become smitten with Delta blues, modeling his slide guitar style on that of Mississippi Fred McDowell. Log began his music career recording with Mondo Guano, a four-piece metal-blues band based in Arizona. Upon leaving Mondo Guano, Log went on to perform as one-half of the Delta blues rock duo, Doo Rag, with bandmate Thermos Malling. After six years of making music, and weary of touring, Malling abruptly quit the band in the middle of a U.S. tour with Ween, leaving Log without a percussionist. “At the time, my only option was to go home and shut up, or learn a new way of playing guitar,” Log said of Malling’s departure. “I was on my way to Chicago, and I'd just bought a helmet at a thrift store in Lawrence, Kan., and I thought, I'll put on that helmet and kick my guitar case and see what happens." Donning his newly acquired thrift store helmet, Log decided to continue the tour alone as a one-man band, playing guitar and kicking a guitar case to keep the beat. Over time, BOB LOG III acquired a kick-drum and a cymbal which he custom-outfitted with a kick pedal of its own. These instruments, combined with his slide guitar work, distorted telephone microphone vocals, and Latin-styled drum machine accompaniment, form the framework on which Bob Log III constructs his songs. With SCOTT H. BIRAM: Rock 'n' Roll ain't pretty and neither is Scott H. Biram. The self proclaimed 'Dirty Old One Man Band' successfully, and sometimes violently, lashes together blues, hillbilly and country precariously to raucous punk and godless metal. Biram ain't no dour ass singer/songwriter either, sweetly strumming songs about girls with big eyes and dusty highways. HELL NO!!! His singing, yodeling, growling, leering and brash preachin' and hollerin' is accompanied by sloppy riffs and licks from his 1959 Gibson guitar and pounding backbeat brought forth by his amplified left foot. The remainder of this one-man band consists of an unwieldy combination of beat-up amplifiers and old microphones strung together by a tangled mess of guitar cables. Years of non-stop touring have honed his assault to a fine edge; his wide-eyed throw downs in the First Church of Ultimate Fanaticism routinely lead giddy followers to a fiery baptism. Scott H. Biram won’t die. On May 11th, 2003, one month after being hit head-on by an 18-wheeler at 75 MPH, he took the stage at The Continental Club in Austin, TX in a wheel chair - I.V. still dangling from his arm. With 2 broken legs, a broken foot, a broken arm and 1 foot less of his lower intestine, Biram unleashed his trademark musical wrath. When Scott H. Biram took the stage at his 2004 SXSW festival showcase right after Kris Kristofferson he was quoted as growling "They said that was a hard act to follow....I'm a hard act to follow motherfuckers!!" The stunned crowd looked on. LEFT LANE CRUISER opens. Doors at 8pm. $10 all ages show.


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