Dubstep pioneer KODE9 at the Eagle Theater

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


Deep dub production from KODE9, who chisels his crisp beats and gloomy sub bass to create a new dimension to dubstep mechanics. Like another garage hybrid, grime, it uses dark sounds, but differs from grime in being largely instrumental. Dubstep incorporates UK garage’s sparse clipped beats, techno’s futurism, jungle’s skanking half-time rhythms and the sheer bass weight of dub reggae. The bass is the thing. That moment of delicious weightlessness before the b-line drops. Says Kode 9: “The sub-bass is the thing that’s consistent. Anything goes on top of that”. For the Glaswegian producer that means cinematic samples and booming tones. With NOSPECTACLE: nospectacle is a laptop band-DJ hybrid project founded in Detroit in 2008. It is made up of sound/film producer Chris McNamara (Thinkbox), and Jennifer A. Paull and Walter Wasacz, both of Paris '68 DJs. Drones, dubs, subsonic bass immersion and live video mixing all find a place in the group's dream factory discotheque. So far this year they've played at: Eero Saarinen Shaping the Future exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum, Movement, and the DSO's 8 Days in June Festival.


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