LAST DAY ON EARTH with ANA and THE ERES at The Pike Room

doors at 8pm
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


LAST DAY ON EARTH with ANA and THE ERERS at the Pike Room


Last Day on Earth is a hodge podge of Detroit and Toledo local band’s (Pillar of Autumn, The Transfer, Before We Fall). The end result is nothing like any of the bands that members had previously been a part of. The band focuses on experimenting with a blend of emotionally strong vocals, huge (delay filled) guitar textures, slamming drums and who cares about bass anyway? Just kidding, bass is cool. The band’s love for 90’s alternative blended with their desire to experiment with brand new music styles has managed to help create a unique voice for themselves. This show will be their first headlining show as Last Day on Earth. This show will feature an entirely brand new set of music that has not been heard before. They might wear pants. They also have a robot guitar player named DARWIN.

Ana is an enormously talented group with a focus on bringing grunge styles back in a refreshing way. Huge hooks, a “fuck it” attitude that would make Kurt Cobain blush, and an extreme amount of live energy. They hate the radio and apparently kill robots. This makes for a perfect combination and pretty much guarantees success. If you’re into things like music, being awesome, or sex, you will love Ana.

The Erers are taking Detroit by storm with their big, fuzzy, rock and rolly, holy moly, light your pants on fire, rock and roll music. Seriously, the songs will get stuck in your head for weeks. I don’t know how to describe it other than their bass play has the awesome hair. Go check these guys out now!


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