JINGLE BALLZ 6 at the Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7pm
tickets: $10 ADV (buy tickets)


Well well... Here we go again boys and girls! It's time to mark SATURDAY DECEMBER 7TH on your calendars. It's the 6th Annual Jingle Ballz at The Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac MI. This one is ALL AGES as usual, and only $10 in advance or at the door. The doors are open at 7 as usual, and we will be taking food donations for Gleaners Community Food Bank this year. Instead of toys, bring food. Things are that bad out there, where food needs to be the priority. We'll have a raffle as always, and you'll probably be seeing some of those prizes posted in the near future.

Every year we are humbled by how many bands want on our show, and it's tough to pick and choose which ones to put on. This year was no exception, however we chose a special lineup of bands that all of our fans know very well. These four bands have not only a history with us, but were a part of some of our biggest shows in our first three years on the scene. We're making a homecoming out of Jingle Ballz 6 with these bands.

Here are the bands in no particular order.

Frequency 54 - Freq 54 has one of the longest histories with us going all the way back to 2007. We've done many shows over the years with them, and they were selected because it wouldn't be a home coming without them. Fifth Way - These dudes have a unique history with us. We've shared members of our bands, and our longtime friend Anthony Palsgrove is playing with them too now, which rocks! Our former drummer Chris Castro will be in house to play with them. Some of our oldest fans will remember Dave Reingardt also playing for them, and he also had some time behind the skins for Ballz Deluxe. These guys are like local Clarkston family.

Spiral Crush - Easily one of the best power trios in the Detroit Rock scene. Spiral Crush has done numerous shows with us since our first year, and are one of the only surviving bands of those past 6 or 7 years that have the same members. Our fans love these guys, and their fans have always welcomed our noise as well.

Red Stone Souls - These guys have been blowin' up lately and for good reason. They will rock your face. They are fronted by a longtime friend of ours Ian Kirwan. (Formerly of Dangerous Pursuit which were doing shows with us from day one) The other fun fact is, they used to be called "The Nines" before the name change. When our band practically split up 3 years ago, The Nines were on the bill with us at that show it all went to hell. That was the last time we played as a five piece band. Scott Christy exited the band shortly after, while Justin and Rick couldn't work some personal crap out at the time. Myself (Chuck), Zuby, and Rick decided to move forward as a four piece with the help of Chris Castro.

Here's where it gets interesting. Last year at Jingle Ballz 5, many of you are aware that it was our final show with Chris. (It was a killer show to leave on, if I might add... KILLED IT!) He has since moved forward as a touring musician. Most of you by now, know that our old drummer Justin "JBALLZ" Richter AKA "The Richter Scale," has been filling in for us, as well as helping us move forward with our new CD. What many of you are probably unaware of is, that we've been rehearsing with Scott Christy as well. That's right kids.... ALL FIVE MEMBERS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ALMOST 3 YEARS BABY!!!! We can't believe how fast it all comes back to us. Like the forces of Voltron reuniting, we are whipping up a set of tunes spanning all three of our CD's. This is why we chose that homecoming theme in our band selection this year. These are all bands that were regulars when we were a five piece. These are all bands that sweated it out on the same stage as us, got trashed with us, and got ripped off by shady venues and promoters with us. These guys are all family.

To top this HUGE lineup off, we decided to give our good friend Phillip Hawley AKA Mr. Demented the reigns as not only the events entertainment in between bands, but as the host this year. He is a virtuoso of all styles electronic, hip hop, rock, funk, and is a one man show. Last year many of you were blown away by how he seamlessly blended Pantera, Fear Factory, and Meshuggah with crazy beats, samples, and scratches. This year he is cooking something up like the mad scientist he is, to keep the party going nonstop. (no boring set change overs waiting for music.) Mr. Demented is the 6th act on the bill to "Phil" in all the gaps.

So there you have it. 4 bands and a host, uniquely connected to us over the past 6 or 7 years. DO NOT MISS THIS if you call yourself a fan of Detroit Local Music. We are some of the longest lasting bands of the past 7 years. With this band lineup, and reunion of Scott Christy, you will see us at our absolute best. You'll go home bruised, a bit trashed, with ears ringing, some stranger's phone number in your pocket, but most importantly, your face will be numb!!!


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