HASTE THE DAY at The Eagle Theater

doors at 6pm
tickets: $13 in advance (buy tickets)


New beginnings, they can be both exciting and terrifying. Take for instance the last year in the life of the Indianapolis based band Haste the Day. Since forming in early 2001, the band has maintained the same 5 members, both brothers and friends, and have toured all over North America and Europe as both headliners and direct support for bands like Bleeding Through and From First To Last among others.

In late 2005 long time vocalist Jimmy Ryan announced he was leaving the band to focus on his new marriage. History tells us that regardless of who writes the band’s material, the vocalist is always the face and the first impression to the outside world. It isn’t often a band can successfully triumph over a vocalist exit but Haste the Day never considered giving up. “I had no doubt we’d continue,” states guitarist Jason Barnes now a year past Ryan’s exit. “When he told us, we wondered who we would replace him with but there was never any consideration to stop.”

The band, featuring the aforementioned Jason Barnes along with bassist Mike Murphy, rhythm guitarist Brennan Chaulk and his brother, drummer Devin Chaulk, were about to leave on their first European tour. With only days ahead of them, there was little time to audition vocalists. After years of performing Haste the Day had gotten to perform along side a lot of local bands and one vocalist stood out. Denver native Stephen Keech was flown to Indianapolis in January 2006 and his trial by fire began as the band headed to Europe. Just out of high school, Keech was inexperienced in the life of a full time touring musician. “I was scared,” he elaborates. “Excited but scared. So many people loved Jimmy. But the crowds were so encouraging to me as the new guy. They let me know I had big shoes to fill but they were with me.”

Fast forward a year and Haste the Day have performed over 200 shows and, for the second time, are about to enter Garth Richardson’s Warehouse Studio to record their third full length, “Pressure the Hinges”. Indicative of the last year, the record title reflects the band’s desire to adapt to challenge and to push themselves both musically and personally. “The material on this record is a quantum leap above the last two records,” explains the band’s lead guitarist Jason Barnes. “It is still Haste The Day but we consciously made and effort to try and not be influenced by anyone in the same genre we are. We wanted to write songs that were based on straight ahead rock & roll but still heavy. We wanted melodies influenced by bands like AC/DC and Def Leppard rather than the bands we’ve toured with.”

A casual listen to album tracks like “Stitches” and the title track, “Pressure the Hinges”, affirms what the band’s guitarist has been saying is true. Mixing a rich blend of both musical and strong vocal melody, “Pressure the Hinges” is a dramatic step forward for the band. Each track incorporates the riffing and breakdowns Haste the Day has long been known for. But along side the ferocity are striking melody lines only hinted at on the band’s previous full length, “When Everything Falls”.

With a brand new full length behind them, Haste the Day are gearing up for a full 2007 that will take them all over the country again. New beginnings aren’t always easy to take in stride but to some, quitting isn’t an option. “Pressure the Hinges” is verifiable proof that vision and brotherhood can pull anyone through what might seem like the bleakest of times to create some of the best moments in their lives.


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