MILES HUNT and WAYNE HUSSEY at the Pike Room

doors at 8pm
tickets: $12 (buy tickets)


MILES HUNT founded the Wonder Stuff in 1986, and soon became notorious for his arrogant, self-confident manner, attracting the media with his sneering lyrics and instant put-downs to anyone who rose up against him on stage. After the Wonder Stuff folded in 1994, Miles' solo career took off. With the benefit of an outstanding song writing ability, Miles was never short of new material to include on the tour and his first solo album for GIG Records, 'Miles Across America' was released in a limited edition run of just 1000 copies to promote the tour. Since then, Miles has continued to release his own work in addition to performing a number of live dates each year mixing solo tracks alongside Wonder Stuff material with the occasion cover version thrown in for good measure. With WAYNE HUSSEY (from the MISSION UK): The first success for Hussey came when he joined Dead or Alive at the request of frontman Pete Burns. After Burns retreated to become more studio-based Hussey decided to leave and was offered a position with the legendary The Sisters of Mercy, concentrating on 12-string and 6-string guitars. With the falling apart of the Sisters, Hussey and bassist Craig Adams set up the Mission UK.


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