ANCOURAGE farewell show at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: Just $5 at the door!


ANCOURAGE: Farewell show for these Detroit post-rock greats. Cheap cover and a great line-up make for a full evening of experimental rock sounds. From their bio: "detroit's ancourage have been dealing $10 bags of compact indie-laden rock nuggets for the past 5 years. ancourage's signature angular 90s-esq feel will harken you back to the days when bands like codiene, seam & catherine wheel were the talk of the town. ancourage definetley challenges their audiences to accept their rather indifferent feel musically, which is often difficult to digest live. ancourage is very loud. ancourage is bass-heavy. ancourage is progressive. ancourage is not a detroit rock n roll band. ancourage use a heavry rotation of sample and loops. ancourage is a three peice. ancourage has a great look. What ANCOURAGE does for music fans today is exactly what RUSH did for them in the 70s, what THE POLICE did for them in the 80s, and what PRIMUS did for them in the 90s.. taking them to exactly where they want to be." With SHADIAMOND LEFREEDOM, WILDCATTING, and MAS!


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