JOLIE HOLLAND with very special guest HERMAN DUNE at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $12 (buy tickets)


You can find JOLIE HOLLAND's music at a crossroads where haunting meets joyful - a voice from the heavens singing stories of the underworld. Holland's songs rise and fall like heavy eyelids and convey the peace of that place between asleep and awake, creating a special place for you to be. There, sounds from past and present-tense waltz together to a never-ending melody that flickers between folk, jazz, blues and pop. Holland's lyrics conjure characters and situations one might find in the surrealistic celluloid of Jim Jarmusch. As with all good dreams, there is an anything-goes spirit leading the way. Jolie Holland's is a voice that attempts to transcend the new and encompass the old through the medium of American music. Like Ralph Stanley told her, "I don't even know what bluegrass music is--I consider myself a soul singer." So, yes, its the blues, and the tunes our grandparents hummed on unpaved highways, but its the same songs that coaxed tears out of the punk rock boy at the bar. The ladies swayed, the street kids hooted with bright eyes, the hip hop composer unselfconsciously slipped his hand over his heart, and your momma tapped her foot. New time old time: spooky American fairytales. With very special guest HERMAN DUNE: "The easiest thing to say about Herman Düne is that they are atypical. Created by David-Ivar Herman Düne and Andre Herman Düne more than ten years ago, the two Swedish-rooted fans of American music were already playing all around Europe and the States before they'd even begun making records. Having written over four hundred songs, they have become a reference in the modern folk-rock songwriting scene. The English press (the NME, the Melody Maker, The Independant, etc…) has described them as 'Swedish Lo-Fi Serge Gainsbourgs' and wrote praise after praise of their first album "Turn off the light"."


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