***CANCELED*** CITIZENS! at The Loving Touch in Ferndale

doors at 8pm


Due to travel issues this tour has been canceled. Refunds will be available at the point of purchase.

CITIZENS! at The Loving Touch in Ferndale


Very few hearts resisted the rallying cry of Citizens! debut album hailed by British pop king Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand). With its impressive collection of hit slogan-like songs Here We Are (2012) established itself as an irresistible dance machine – think back to 􀇮True Romance􀇯 with its heady keyboards and a video directed by the brilliant collective We Are From L.A.

After two years on the road playing venues and festivals across the planet, pop music is more than ever at the heart of this band that chose to swim against the current of r􀇯n􀇯b that􀇯s overtaken the country. But they refused to apply the same recipes: exiled in their label Kitsuné􀇯s studio in Paris, the four Londoners have digested everything that America has in the way of soul music to give birth to European Soul, a slick pop album of modern romanticism. Are Citizens! Europhiles? 􀇲This title is more ideological than political􀇳, says singer Tom Burke. 􀇲It suggests the idea of sharing, of inclusion, and the will to be fearless in the face of change􀇳.

This second album is built around the song 􀇮European Girl, love song􀇯 carried by a sensual rhythm that the band has mastered so well, and follows an English tradition of uniting through music, a very British desire to get people to dance through the darkest times – isn􀇯t that the very soul of pop? Through the economic crisis, the band calls for a union of senses and bodies, to break down the frontiers that carry little meaning for a generation that grew-up with a passport in its back pocket. Their dynamite sticks are powerful: they􀇯re called 􀇮Lighten Up􀇯, first single that will have your hips gyrating against your will, 􀇮My Kind of Girl􀇯 and its futuristic synths, or 􀇮Have I Met You􀇯 and its minimal pop recalling Metronomy.

Profoundly positive, European Soul is a record that leans towards the future, a collection of contagiously exalting tracks that break with the present context of economic, political and social angst weighing on the band and its generation despite them. 􀇲In 􀇮Waiting For Your Lover􀇯, there’s this line that says: 􀇲everything can change tonight􀇳, explains Tom. 􀇲I believe you should never be resigned, always push forward, overcome adversity. That’s the feeling we tried to convey in European Soul.

Carried by Tom's high-pitched and incredibly precise voice, the songs on this second album break with the current morose atmosphere with their subtle mix of groove, irresistibly danceable pop and disco made current by finely-tuned arrangements and communicative soft euphoria. European Soul is a cure for depression. Citizens! is a remedy for these times of crisis.


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