JOE BUDDEN plus RO SPIT, CAMMIE LEE, and NICK SPEED at The Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 7pm
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JOE BUDDEN plus RO SPIT, CAMMIE LEE, and NICK SPEED at The Crofoot Ballroom


Call Joe Budden the rap Mary J. Blige, cause there’s no more drama in his life. Budden might even say it himself in a rhyme. The quick-witted lyricist has always had a knack for introspection, taking a life that he makes so public and twisting lines around it with humor and biting observation.

But the New Jersey MC, known for his Mood Muzik mixtapes, his dalliances with dime pieces and a dark side, has really matured beyond his years. Not since the days prior to his formidable Def Jam debut has Joe been as focused, from his career to his love life and all in between. The result is No Love Lost (eOne Music), his proper follow up to 2009’s Padded Room and the first solo album offering since social media’s favorite hip-hop star broke ground with Slaughterhouse and the collective’s emergence into the spotlight.

The result is classic Joe Budden, the sprightly lyrical recording artist, mixed with the measured thoughts of a man, who has finally found himself once he hit the other side of 30.

“I really wanna get across, and I approached this album as if it were my debut all over again,” he says. “As if it were a new beginning, as if I was starting from scratch. These are records when you hear them, they sound very…happy. They sound like a space where, people who are accustomed to Mood Muzik, wouldn’t be accustomed to. But it [also] sounds like a guy who’s been in some shit and survived it all.”

Anchored by “She Don’t Put It Down” featuring Lil Wayne and Tank, No Love Lost is arguably the rapper’s finest work to date. “All In My Head” featuring Royce Da 5’9” finds Joe mining his travels to figure out how his biggest enemy—himself—allowed the MC to ultimately triumph. The SLV-assisted “Tell Him Something” parcels relationship boundaries, exposing bravado and confidence with a touch of sensitivity.

What more could you expect from someone whose ups and downs have been chronicled as dramatically as Joe Budden’s?

“My perspective is always a unique one, it’s often different what the majority feels,” Joe says of No Love Lost. “Even though you get a lot from a tweet, an Instagram or an interview, often times when I start rapping and it’s about my entire thought process it almost hits some fans like a light bulb. I feel like to really be able to process the music better and feel the music and understand it outside of you going through some type of pain yourself, to know myself, to know the man, or any understanding of the person that Joe Budden is, always helps. Which is why I try to be transparent and why the music tends to be so personal.”

Nothing is more personal and on the record for Joe over the past few years than his relationship with ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose and his latest love interest, Kaylin Garcia. His Internet Soldiers have been along for every Joe BuddenTV broadcast, Twitter exchange or meltdown and the candid moments that make up his Instagram feed. The fireworks are always on.

This winter, Budden takes his career to new heights as a member of VH1’s popular “Love & Hip-Hop,” (Mondays, 8 p.m. EST) which finds him navigating his love life’s past, present and future all at the same time. If it sounds cringe-worthy, juicy or a place any human would want to avoid, then you don’t know Joe. And if you thought you did, there’s still plenty more to learn.

“I’ve hurt a lot of feelings, I’ve been candid and graphic and detailed,” he explains. ”I’ve been unfiltered to everyone else’s fault. I’ve paid the price for it. I’ve been extremely vocal at times when there was no need to. I’m certainly not about to make the same mistakes now that I made in my 20s that I would in my 30s. I feel like your 30s are your 20s all over again with just way more knowledge.”

Whether it’s must-see TV or classic hip-hop, Joe Budden figures to be at the center of it in 2013. It’s a new year, and a new start for one of music’s most promising voices. And to hear Joe tell it, the best is yet to come. Expect him to broad his horizon into film and to hit the road once again to spread his message.

“I’m just getting started,” Budden says. “Honestly, I don’t even feel like I’m in my prime yet. I’ve been blessed to be around guys like Slaughterhouse, Eminem and Jay-Z, these extremely potent artists in my career and I’ve been able to sponge off of them. Now, more attention is on me and more people are noticing. It’s like I’m rejuvenated all over again.”


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