WHITE MAGIC at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM, show at 9PM
tickets: $8 (buy tickets)


New York dark indie folk group White Magic expand their sound on their sophomore release, DAT ROSA ME APIBUS (which is Latin for "The Rose Gives the Bees Honey"). The band is still dark, swirling, psychedelic, and introspective, but the layers here are deeper, and more carefully constructed. Clattering drums, chiming guitars, insistent rhythms, and hypnotic drones create a tapestry against which singer Mira Billotte places her unique and appealing voice. At times the album is whimsical and childlike, at others almost ominous, but there's a sense of deeper meaning throughout, from the Rosicrucian image on the front cover to the webs of music and wordplay on each of the 12 tracks.

Some review highlights:
Spin - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Soulfully assured, Billotte beguiles like a cat-powered Grace Slick reclining against a surrealistic, Fleetwood Mac-embroidered pillow..."

Magnet - "[I]t sounds like a rickety tape reel away from convincing us that White Magic is, in fact, a stellar '60s group that history somehow missed."

CMJ - "Frontwoman Mira Billotte is at the helm of every song, and her sinewy piano lines and caterwauling alto crawl along for the better part of an hour."


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