CHROME / HELIOS CREED at the Pike Room

doors at 8PM
tickets: $10 (buy tickets)


It's the MEET HELIOS HALF WAY Tour - half Helios Creed's back catalog of fried space rock, and half tunes from CHROME's mighty songbook! HELIOS CREED is the legendary guitarist of San Francisco's proto-industrial acid-punk band CHROME. His unusual musical stylings have influenced bands from the Butthole Surfers to the Clone Defects. Helios Creed joined San Francisco's Chrome in 1977 to record their second album Alien Soundtracks. Helios' mastery of sustained, distorted guitar effects and deep, crooning vocals noticeably changed Chrome's direction and made them the science fiction inspired, avant-garde acid-punk that Chrome is best known for. Incorporating tape loops, a multitude of FX boxes, and even a telephone handset, Helios' live shows expand upon his talents, demonstrating that his layering of multiple sounds isn't just studio trickery. As well as releasing titles under his own name, Helios has also collaborated on projects with Nik Turner, Hawkwind, Butthole Surfers, Jack Endino's Skin Yard, Genesis P-Orridge, and Bill Laswell. Helios continues on with his darker, guitar driven sounds. With HUMAN EYE: "Their second full-length release, "Fragments of the Universe Nurse", continues their musical mission with more mind-derailing time changes, laser-beam synthesizer blasts, hallucinatory overdriven echoplex, and a generally brutal assemblage of disparate elements from a sonic palette that ranges from mid-70's punk rock to psychedelia, prog, free jazz, and Sci-Fi movie sound effects. Writhing giant robot snakes, huge illuminated plastic eyeballs, flying T.V. sets, and exploding flourescent paint-filled balloons only heighten the atmosphere of transformed reality and universal anxiety suggested by Human Eye's music," says Matthew Smith. FASHION (sorry, no myspace page yet) opens.


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