KIAREE 11:11 LIVE! at The Pike Room

doors at 5pm
tickets: $11 (buy tickets)




Rather than have a professionally written bio listing everything I've ever done, I've decided to just tell you who I am in my own words. My name is Kiaree. I'm told that I've been singing since I was two years old. I actually remember when I started performing at four or five years old in a group called New Confidence. I remember traveling all over with them and performing for as many as 10,000 people and feeling right at home on every stage. Just when we were on the verge of a break, my friends decided they didn't want to sing anymore. The group broke up and I stopped performing but never stopped singing. I started singing more in church, and when my family and I moved from Jacksonville, NC where I was born to Michigan where I now live, naturally I became a gospel artist. How could I not when I was surrounded by the greatest gospel artists in the world? My favorite artists were J Moss, Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark-Sheard, & Dorinda Clark-Cole, all of which I've either worked with or shared stages with. After ten years in gospel music, I realized that it wasn't where I was supposed to be. I had more to say than gospel music would allow. My goal became writing and recording music that relates to my life in every way. I started that journey in 2013 by recording covers of some of my favorite songs. They were songs that inspired me, by artists who inspire me. It took me a year after that to release my first single, "Wasn't Good Enough", but since then I haven't stopped. I've released two other singles accompanied by music videos (“Tell Me It's Not Over” & “Winner”) and my debut EP "11:11" wish came out on 11/11/2015. I've now shared the stage with some of the biggest artists in the world including: Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Mike Posner. I'm most inspired by artists who write and perform music that means something to them, yet they still make it so relatable that they own the radio. People like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton, and Big Sean continue to inspire me. They're true artists in my book because they pour their hearts into their music so much that I feel every word. There's a connection that makes me feel like we're best friends. That's the connection I long for with my listeners. I'm excited for people to hear what's inside of me. These songs I write come from real life, and that's why writing them is pretty effortless. I know that people all over the world will be drawn to the music I create because they've experienced something similar, if not exactly the same. I can't help but sing them from my heart because of what I've gone through to get the inspiration for them, and I know the listeners will feel that too.


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