ASHES OF SOMA and ONE MAN'S OPINION at The Crofoot Ballroom

doors at 8pm
tickets: $10 in advance (buy tickets)


Ashes of Soma is a rock band. That's obvious. Who is Ashes of Soma you say? We enjoy music, and we enjoy writing music... sometimes. We've been together for three years and since our first song "Loaded", we've strived to write our best song, which as someone once said, is not written yet. We like to argue with each other. Not about anything other than music though it seems, or loading the trailer. We are religious about rehearsal, and have been since our creation. Joel's hair is real. We like to know if you have our album, what songs do you like to hear live? Joel writes novels in his spare time(for real). Randy is in school for architecture. Paul enjoys long walks on beaches. Preney moves fast and lives in a pineapple under the sea. Randy is also a master of chicken strips and french fries and does not have his own Myspace account. We always try to improve our live show and are perfectionists about that. Generally if one of us screws up at a show, we like to discuss it, and reconfirm that one of us made a mistake for hours after the show. We're 4 brothers looking to play music for whoever will listen. Our first band ever was called Daytrip which was with Mike on guitar and Randy on bass. Joels first band was called Bleek which was in direct competition with Daytrip. Pauls first band was Knematic with Randy on bass and Mike on guitar. Each of us need a coffee and bagel in the morning. Our van is full of Tim Horton cups and bags. We also like to argue about cleaning the van. Our top albums that are rotating through our cd changer at this point are Dark New Day, 36 Crazyfists, and Days of the New (Green or Red), Rage Against the Machine(woodstock '99), STP (live). We're from Windsor, Ontario, and proud of it. We exist to create, we create to exist, we continue to follow that road that always seems to be uphill. We should be able to make it up. What's after that? Who knows...


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